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Waterproof Cargo Bags for Truck Beds

Posted on Feb 21, 2015 by in Motor |

Waterproof Cargo Bags for Truck Beds

Looking for a waterproof cargo bags for truck beds that stand the test of what the weather can throw at it? Living in the US can certainly bring many seasons in one day from hard snow, blizzards, driving rain and freezing temperatures, you need a weatherproofing system that works.

waterproof-luggage-bags-for-truck-bedsYou may need to protect your tools or other valuable equipment from the elements but people also need to ensure things like waterproof luggage bags for truck beds can be safely transported in the rear of a flatbed truck without a) moving around the bed of the truck and b) that it remains free of moisture and protected from the rain.

This is where this quality waterproof storage box for trucks or open trailers fits the bill nicely.

Made from super tough weatherproof, waterproof and non-breathable PVC utilising the quality finish of heat treatments along all seams means with water cannot penetrate the membrane no matter what the weather.

To keep your bag secured to the base of the truck heavy duty metal rings located in 4 corners is a simple yet effective means to fasten the bag using the supplied fully adjustable bungee cords.

How much can you get into this large weatherproof bag? Well its got plenty of space measuring in at 40 inches in width and 50 inches long by 22 inches in height. It will happily carry 26 cubic feet of equipment, bags, whatever you wish to store away.

We like this solution to the problem of keeping things dry and out of the weather, they appear to give better results that  the more common rooftop luggage systems and is tough enough and waterproof enough to be trusted with your gear.

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