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Trunk Organizers for Groceries

Posted on Mar 12, 2015 by in Motor |


You know the drill; you carefully place all your shopping in those weak plastic/paper bags into the trunk and drive as carefully as you can only to find upon returning home its all over the back of your trunk! The solution to this common problem is in the form of trunk organizers for groceries, say goodbye to trunk scrambled eggs!

best-car-trunk-organizerThere are essentially two versions of these trunk organizers, those that are have flexible partitions and sides and those that are more rigid in form. Having tried both versions I can easily say the more rigid versions are far better and let me explain why.

You will find with the ‘floppy sided’ organizers difficulty in getting your shopping bags into the box for starters. Usually you have both hands coaching the bags into the trunk box and with floppy sides this soon becomes rather annoying since you have to use a free hand to hold upon the compartments to allow your shopping bags to sit. Secondly they tend to still move around the boot since the bottom of the organizers can often be fairly slippery.

trunk-organizers-for-groceriesSo, the more rigid trunk organizers are the best choice in my view. This particular trunk storage box is the Ferrari of them all with a rubberized bottom (believe me this will not shift around your trunk), fully collapsable, three large compartments all with rigid sides and the added benefit of outside pockets to store things you may need handly quickly.

Our pick of the bunch, it measures in at 25 x 15 x 7 inches and you will be well served to get yourself 2 of these since you will wonder how you ever got on without them.

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