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Piggy Banks That Count Money

Posted on Mar 9, 2015 by in Kids |

piggy banks that count money

A super way to gain big savings both young and old, is making use of piggy banks that count money and watch the savings grow! We have looked through the marketplace and have come up with two electronic coin sorter and counter both of which utilise highly accurate digital displays.

First up is perfect for kids of all ages and is a traditional style piggy bank fashioned in the shape of, well, you can guess, a pink pig!

Piggy Banks That Count Money – The Pink Pig

piggy-banks-that-count-moneyThis clever piggy bank is made from tought moulded plastic and won’t break the bank (pun intended!) should you drop it. The coin slot is wide enough to accomodate all the traditional US currency and the digital counter automatically counts and calculates the coins as they are dropped in.

The manner in which the counter functions is through recognising the dimensions of the coins as they pass through the cion slot. Just ensure your child doesn’t drop the coins through the slot too quickly otherwise the sensor cannot detect the coins, drop them in naturally!

In order to retrieve your hard earned savings you simply twist off the head, the transparent viewing panel makes it easy to see when your full. Batteries required for this piggy bank are just 2xAA which will last for over 12 months of normal use (these do not come with the piggy bank).

Digital Coin Counter Money Jar

eletronic-piggy-bank-coin-counterOne for the older kids or adults is this highly recommended digital coin counter and sorter piggy bank jar. The money box holds a large amount of coins from pennies to nickels and dimes to quarters all read accurately by the digital screen showing you a running total of the jar’s contents.

Made from hard wearing acrylic requiring just 2xAA batteries to operate with running under normal conditions more than enough power to last 12 months+.

These piggy banks make it actually fun to save money (thats a surprise) since you will find yourself scurring around the house looking for that spare change to place into the box in order to see your savings grow! Great fun and it soon pays for itself whilst also keeping your home coin clutter free!

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