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Pelican 1700 Gun Case

Posted on Mar 25, 2015 by in Sports & Outdoors |

pelican-gun-cases-1700-1750The pelican 1700 gun case is the defacto standard (fully compliant with TIA regulations) in keeping your prized arms safe, secure and free from moisture build up. The 1700 model (also available in the 1720 and 1750 models) featured here is the top selling gun case and for good reason.

This 1700 version of the Pelican gun case comes complete the the APE system (auto pressure equalization) which essentially is a valve system allowing air to release from the case ensuring moisture levels and any build up of pressure is released keeping the case dry.

For security, there are stainless steel padlock protectors which are further reinforced providing the best in security design along with the robust nature of the casing itself with its crush and dust proof exterior. The dimensions of the 1700 case (internal) are 37.75 inches by 13.50 by 5.25 inches.

Installation of your gun is a very simple process. Cutting the foam can be successfully accomplished using a sharp knife (a serrated edge will give the best results). Simply place your gun upon the foam and trace an outline using chalk. Then, cut about a quarter of an inch inside the chalk line carefully following your guide line will give a tight and secure fit.

If you are looking for secure, rugged gun case to take your arms to the range or air travel (be aware the handle of the 1700 is not collapasable and slightly infringes TSA regulations but the majority of users have not reported airlines having an issue with a couple of inches protruding) then the pelican 1700 is a great choice (also avaliable in 1720 long, and 1750 sizes).

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