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Medication Organizer with Alarm

Posted on Feb 25, 2015 by in Health |


If you have ever had to care for an elderly relative whom suffers with any form of congnitive impairment, you will understand how critical it is for them to take their medication at the prescribed times. This is where an ingenious 31 day medication organizer with alarm capabilities comes into it’s own.

medication-organizer-with-alarmOne setup (this is a very simple process using the clear instrcutions), this pill oraganzier will provide a long term solution giving you piece of mind your loved one is taking their medication for the entire month. This level of comfort is drawn from the quality features of this daily pill box for the elderly including the audible alarm (this has 2 x settings, medium and loud for the hard of hearing) but importantly, the alarm will not disarm itself until it is manually deactivated for the given dosage. This means should your relative fall asleep he/she will continue to receive the alarm responses until the disarm button is pressed.

A further clever feature of this medication organizer with alarm is the color coded pill boxes. This method of visually understanding what pill box containers are empty (red) and the ones next to take (green) is a very valuable safety feature.

Batteries are used to power the large and clear LED screen which are AA sized meaning you can replace then quickly and easily.

There is no better monthly medication organizer with alarm. Keeping that independance is key for as long as possible with elderly patients and this pill organizer can ensure this occurs for as long as possible. One word of caution with this unit is the plastic lids which fit tightly to ensure the pills/medication remains can be quite difficult to open for those with arthritis but the majority of users have not reported any issues.