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Foyer Bench with Shoe Storage

Posted on Feb 14, 2015 by in Home |


In this review we look at the best foyer bench with shoe storage choices ranging from the grand church style pew which often is associated with hallways and entraceways, to a more economical range crafted from cheaper materials such as bamboo.

Bamboo Foyer Bench with Shoe Storage

First up is the economical yet elegant version of the traditional foyer shoe bench which is pratical through its under bench racks for shoe storage yet is robust enough to sit two people comfortably.

Bamboo-Hallway-Shoe-and-Bench-Storage-with-ShoesMade from genuine sections of bamboo don’t be afraid to sit on this bench, why? well users have reported concern over the squeeking noises that occur when putting your weight onto the bench. Bamboo is obviously a natural material and the fibres within the wood naturally make this noise so don’t be put off it is normal.

There is enough space on the two tier shoe racks to include around 3-4 pairs of adult sized shoes and several more if you have children that will use this foyer bench.

Priced at under $50 this shoe bench can be placed in entraceways, foyers, bedrooms and just about anywhere (I wouldn’t recommend in the bathroom however due to the nature of Bamboo, this will compromise the integrety of the bench) and is a real winner in terms of great looks and value for money.

Large Oak Shore Storage Bench

oak-foyer-bench-with-basket-shoe-storageNext up is one of the more traditional foyer benches consisting of hardy and hardwearing oak making this our pick of the best benches for long term looks and value for money.

This beautiful bench has a large foyer seating area for three adults as well as ample storage for shoes and other hideaways. The storage is handled by three strong bound underseating baskets.

The baskets are reinforced with steel cages and bound tightly with hard wearing twine. The baskets slide in and out easily. The oak bench is heavy as you would expect from a piece of oak furniture of this calibre.

The unit comes packaged ready for you to assemble it. Most users have found the instructions and clear and the time taken on average to fully assemble the bench is around 2 hours for the modest DIYer.

A top notch foyer storage bench ideal for storing away those unsightly shoes and bits and bobs.

Mohogany Foyer Bench with Shoe Storage

Entryway-Shoe-Storage-Bench-in-MahagonyFinally we look at a mid range foyer bench in mahogony. This charming piece is made from solid hardwood and softwood vaneers and has a real touch of class to the finish.

Storage options under the bench include two large bound wiker baskets each side of the opening. There are also four cubby holes where an adult sized pair of shoes will sit comfortably. This foyer bench has limited storage for shoes however the baskets will easliy fit several adult pairs as well if needed.

The bench comes with a comfy cushion made from hardwearing foam ensuring that it will stand up to the test of useage. The bench comes in both white and mahogany depending upon your current interior decor but customers whom have purchased have nothing but positive comments about this shoe bench.

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