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Floor Standing Bike Rack

Posted on Mar 15, 2015 by in Garage |


bike-rack-for-garage-floorOne of the best ways to gain more space and declutter your garage area is using a floor standing bike rack that keeps the bicycles stable and upright. In order to store your bikes in garages these bike racks for home is all that is needed to give your garage a new lease of life!

There are a number of bike floor stands racks avaliable in the market some of which will house up to 5 cycles in a single line but in our case here we are looking at the 2x rack.

bike-stand-for-garage-storageThis floor bike rack for garage will hold 29ers, cycles with disc brakes (do be aware of disc brakes that protrude since users have reported some will not fit) and just about any mountain bike you may own.

Made from black tubular steel – all the required tools are included in the package and with the supplied allen key you should be up and running (well, your cycles should be resting!) in around 10 minutes.

This is a top selling bike stand for garage storage and for good reason, it is sturdy and will take the inevitable knocks that garage equipment tends to receive. Rated highly by users you will be hard pressed to find a better cycle storage solution for your garage.