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Kids Archery Set

Posted on May 7, 2016 by in Sports & Outdoors |

Archery Set for Kids and Adults

Choosing the best kids archery set is a good investment for many reasons. Archery for kids is great fun whilst at the same time providing them with excellent learning opportunities including hand eye co-ordination and the ability to hone their distances. There are many types of kids archery sets and bows at a varying level of quality. For your first archery set for either kids or adults you may wish to keep costs to a minimum whilst also ensuring that it is safe but gives them a taste of what archery is all about.

In order to help you choose, we have put together this comprehensive guide to archery including equipment, tuning, rules and choosing your first entry level archery equipment. First for the kids, we look at the budget entry archery equipment for kids and then at higher quality options;

Table of Contents (click to jump)

1. Budget Archery Sets for Kids
2. Junior Archery explained
3. Choosing the right bow for you
4. Bow tuning guide
5. Targets for Archery
6. Lonbow Rules
7. Archery TV (watch)

1. Budget Kids Archery Set

Archery Set for Kids and Adults - Starter KitThis is the entry level bow and arrow set designed for beginners (click image or here to view pricing). A great and cost effective method to see how your child gets on with archery without breaking the bank. The set comes complete with everything they need to get started in archery including bows, arrows, targets and instructions in how to quickly get started.

2. Junior Archery explained

3. Choosing the right bow for you

There are three main characteristics in choosing the right bow;

  • Right or Left Handed
  • Length
  • Weight

Get all three element right and you will be holding the perfect archery weapon so lets get started!

Right or left Handed

Confusing to the non-archer, but a typical right handed archer will hold the bow in their left hand drawing back the bow string with their left hand – therefore a right handed person will choose the right handed option.


Next we need to look at what length of bow is suitable that in turn will determine your preferred arrow length. The best method to judge this is to stand, outstretch both arms with palms touching (like a closed clap!) and fingers extended. With your helper at the ready, the measurement you want to record is from the centre of your chest to the tip of your outstretched fingers. Take that number and add an additional 1″ to it, this will calculate to a good rule of thumb measurement your correct arrow length.

Now that you have your desired arrow length you can use the measurements below to calculate your correct bow length.

  • Arrow Length – 14-18″ Bow Length = 48″
  • Arrow Length – 18-20″ Bow Length =54″
  • Arrow Length – 20-22″ Bow Length =58″
  • Arrow Length – 22-24″ Bow Length =62″
  • Arrow Length – 24-26″ Bow Length =64″


The last (and one of the most important to success) is the weight of the bow. This is calculated as the LB measurement of a bow when recoliled outwards to 28 inches. A typical male archer would look towards the 28″ weight with a female archer less at 24″. At this point you will have to take into consideration the draw length – if you have a long draw you might want to look into the higher poundage (32″+) and conversly for those with a shorter draw less.

4. Bow tuning guide

Below you will find a comprehensive bow tuning guide. Keeping your bow maintained is crucial in ensuring your aim is on target and the bow’s action remains smooth and true. A regualr maintence schedule can make all the difference and makes hitting the target much easier. Not only does this cover off the more traditional bows but also recurve and compund bows (both with finger releases).

Download the bow tuning guide directly from here.

5. Targets for Archery

Traditional Archery Target_

Click Image for Prices

Open Archery Target

Click Image for Prices

6. Lonbow Rules

If you are serious about Archery on a professional level then you will want to understand how the rules of the sport actually work. The best resource we have uncovered that clearly details the relevant rules around Bow and Longbow events is contained here.

7. Archery TV (watch)

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